BaymackBot2018 release!!

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Baymack2018 New Version 2018.01.08

How to use link Easyhits4uBot 2018

Easyhits4uBot 2018 release! 100% work...

Xmas and Happy new year!!

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Easyhits4uBot 2018 New Version 2018.01.02



NOTICE: Results are not 100% accurate and can be reported as a false positive by some scannerswhen and if malware is found. Please judge these results for yourself.

A few days ago, I disclosed my bot. There are also a number of user registration experiences for 2 days in open trial.

Because of the use of VMP protection, you can protect the notepad.exe under windows and scan many problems, which are all misinformation. It is clear to some common sense that antivirus software has no shelling and is defined as a virus directly according to the characteristics of the shell, which is mentally retarded and incompetent.

As for the problem of tools that you can't work, it's estimated that it is your operation problem. I work with many of my users well, if you believe it is used and I can solve it, if you don't believe it, delete it immediately. No one is pressing you to use it.

Now I will also close the trial function, so that the real trust you want to use friends can contact the opening.

by ensurf 2017.12.28


1. download completion, unzip, the password is the website URL http://www.ensurf.org

2. run Easyhits4uBot2018.exe, register a run tool to authorize the account

3. submit this account to ensurf and surf after opening.

Matters needing attention

2 days of trial time, each run tool, generate random work time and random click times, one of them more than the limit, the tool stops working.

Now trial closed,if you want test,contect me.

Use bot

1. you must register bot accout,then login bot.

2.you setup your e4u username and e4u pass and save it.

3.click surf button,open then easyhits4u.com,manual identification of Google validation, after logging in easyhits4u.com, the tool can automatically surf Not to use, you can install QQ, using remote desktop or use TeamViewer, I help you to solve it, as long as less than 5 minutes.


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